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Omni Eye Services



Strabismus & Adult Motility


Under the direction of Joseph D. Napolitano, M.D., Chief of Pediatric Ophthalmology, Strabismus and Adult Motility Disorders, Omni provides patients and referring doctors medical and surgical services to diagnose, treat and manage patients with strabismus and motility disorders, he provides the following services:

    * Surgery, Microsurgery and Laser Surgery
    * Surgery for Strabismus (Crossed eyes)
    * Surgery for Esotropia and Exotropia
    * Graves Disease
    * Congenital and acquired ocular motility abnormalities

Dr. Napolitano has extensive experience with adult eye misalignments and motility disorders, as well as expertise in state-of-the-art adjustable-suture strabismus surgery.  Many of the adult patients that come to Dr. Napolitano have had strabismus all of their lives, and unfortunately for them have been told that nothing could be done to help them. Most adult strabismus patients can be treated successfully. There are many important reasons to consider treatment, including eliminating double vision, expanding the field of vision, and making social interactions easier.

Our offices are fully equipped with the latest equipment for providing these service.

Omni and our Strabismus and Adult Motility Disorder services are an extension of your primary eye care providers practice, allowing you access to this broad range of specialized services.

Our Surgeon

Joseph Napolitano, MD

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