iStent® helps control the increased pressure in your eye associated with glaucoma and creates a bypass between the front part of your eye and its natural drainage pathway to increase the flow of fluid. By creating a permanent bypass through the primary blockage site (trabecular meshwork), iStent® is designed to:

• Improve your eye’s natural outflow to safely lower intraocular pressure
• Work continuously to improve the natural flow of fluid in your eyes

A Tiny Implant, A Huge Impact

iStent® is not only the world’s smallest medical implant known to be implanted in the human body — it also started a revolution in glaucoma treatment as the first Micro-Invasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS) device. The only MIGS device currently approved by the FDA, today iStent® has been implanted in over 100,000 eyes around the world, with more and more patients benefiting from the iStent® procedure every day.


This tiny implant can also make a huge impact for patients who receive it. Once implanted in the eye, the device can help restore normal pressure in the eye. The iStent® is designed to:

• Restore your eye’s natural ability to drain the fluid that causes the increased pressure inside your eye
• Keep eye pressure at a normal level
• This may allow your doctor to reduce or eliminate your need for glaucoma medication


Before the Procedure

You should continue to use any prescribed eye drops until your procedure, unless directed by your eye care professional. Before surgery, your eye surgeon will go over all the medications you’re currently taking. Be sure to bring a list of your current medications to your pre-operative appointment and be prepared to answer a few questions regarding your medical history.

During the Procedure

The cataract removal and iStent® procedure are usually performed under local anesthesia. After our surgeon removes your cataracts, he or she will implant the iStent® device. Once implanted, you will not see or feel the device.

After the Procedure

iStent® is an outpatient procedure, which means you’ll be able to go home the same day following your surgery. After the procedure, you will likely receive antibiotic and anti-inflammatory eye drops to use. Your surgeon will likely schedule an appointment to see you the day following the surgery.

Recovery time is relatively quick, but it is recommended that you should refrain from strenuous activities such as sports, lifting heavy objects, or any straining movements that will increase your eye pressure.

Risk Factors

The risks associated with performing cataract surgery with the iStent® are similar to those related to performing cataract surgery alone. For more information regarding specific risks associated with your condition, please talk to your eye care professional.

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